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    Dead Easy Interface - Simply fill in a few short fields, select where your articles are located and pops out well designed Google Adsense content sites in seconds!

    Converts TXT, ZIP and RAR files Into Instant Websites - Automatically convert txt, zip or rar files into well-designed web pages!

    Automatically Inserts Unique Web Page Title - Automatically takes the title of your article and puts it in the title of the webpage it creates for automatic Search Engine Optimization!

    Easy To Customize - With a few easy changes you can add Adsense code, e-mail sign-up form, affiliate links, and anything else your heart desires!

    Moves Like Lightning - Flip Site Buddy will pop out your fully functional, ready to upload content portal in seconds. Even if it's thousands of pages!

    Strategically Links All The Pages Together - Automatically link all of your pages together in a smooth, effective way. This will get your whole site spidered and indexed super fast.

It Takes Only 5 Simple Steps For You To Churn Out Your Adsense Article Sites!


Requirements: Windows ME/XP or higher, MS Office Word


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